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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

WOYWW #306

Wednesday again, half way through April, and not long till the Crop! All of us being kept in order by Our Head Desker, Julia, over at The Stamping Ground.On to this weeks desk then, and not a lot to show, I'm afraid. I was missing last week, and hardly managed any visits the week before, thanks to a wonderful cold that blew up into a chest infection. Cue course of antibiotics, which did exactly squat- by last Tuesday I was literally dragging myself from chair to chair, I was so weak, and struggling to breathe. Back to docs for new course of antibiotics, and some anti histamines, as now I had hay fever on top! I do get it this time of year from the fruit blossom on trees, but really didn't need it on top of the chest infection. Anyway, I'm feeling much better now, we finally seem to have got on top of it. So precisely nothing has happened on my desk in the last two weeks.
The unmounted stamps I had have been coated with TIOO, and have lay on the mat ever since.I will put them away, one day soon.

I did manage one lucky purchase though. I'd been watching Stampscapes videos (again), and Kevin had been working with Stampbord, and the scraper tools. There is a sharp pointy one, a blunter spoon shaped one, which I have something similar to, and a sort of scratchy brush. So I had a look for them and found the set on Amazon (and elsewhere) for £28! I did find the toolkit on Chocolate Baroque for £19, but even that's a bit steep. No way was I paying that much, I'd manage without first. Then I had a quick look on E-bay, and amazingly, someone on there had one for sale, with an almost full pack of ATC sized Stampbord pieces, for a fiver. Put in a bid, and got it for £6.50, and she emailed me and asked if I wanted another pack of ATC sized pieces for an extra £4- total bargain. It even turned out they were the 16 piece sized packs, which are £12 on their own! I was actually expecting to get the 5 piece packs, so that was a real surprise.
In the actual kit: A bit of steel wool, a spoon shaped tool, a handle with two other interchangeable sharper pointed blades, a wire brush type scraper and a single domino sized piece of Stampbord. Way overpriced, if you ask me. Anyway, that's me for now. This Friday will be my fourth, and hopefully final IV treatment. That's actually gone past really fast. On the 23rd I have my MRI scan, and that will get looked at in the MDT meeting on the 28th. Fingers crossed this has shrunk it as much as it needs to be, and we'll be on to the surgery.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

WOYWW #304

Not a whole lot of exciting stuff this week for our regular Wednesday stroll around the worlds desks, thanks to out fabulous Hostess, Julia, over at The Stamping Ground.
Just a couple of stamp purchases off E-bay, this one an old Stampscapes set, called Butterflies. One of Kevins 'art' stamp sets, rather than a scenic one.

 The second stamps are both by Jenny, The Artistic Stamper.
I wanted these two sets more for the 'empty' image, than the steampunk one, but no doubt those two will also make an appearance somewhere.
 In case anyone isn't yet aware, Shoshi did finally get her surgery on Friday, but apparently it was almost cancelled again, you can find all the info over on her blog, as she has a friend co-hosting it for her whilst she is in hospital.
 I also did get my treatment on Friday, so my cold germs didn't get in the way. Not feeling too bad, in fact, I think if it wasn't for the leftover cold, and me being a bit silly and overdoing things on Saturday, I'd actually feel better than I did after the second one. Saturday was entirely my own fault, I know it was only the day after my treatment, but we had a family wedding, and I didn't want us to miss going. Spent far too long on my feet, between the wedding in the afternoon, and the evening reception, so at the moment, I know 2 week old babies with more stamina than I've got.So, very short and sweet this week, I'm off to make myself a cup of Bournevita, and have a lounge on the sofa with a craft video or two before bed- me and that sofa are bosom buddies lately, lol.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

WOYWW #303

So, it's Wednesday again, and three parts of the way through March already! Soon be Crop time again, yay! A browse around the workdesks of the world, courtesy of our Head Desker, Julia, at The Stamping Ground. On my desk this week, a few purchases made at the NEC Hobbycrafts show last Thursday. I went along with Marg, Silvercrafter, and met up with Debbie, Tattered Rocks. Just as well I had such wonderful company, as the show itself was a huge disappointment. I've been to the March one before, and know its not as big as in November, but this one was tiny! Very few visitors on Thursday too- if you've been to the November one, you know how much of a crush it is, and how difficult it can be to get around.
This one felt almost deserted. Biggest complaint I heard from people walking around was that the organisers dare to charge the same for this show as the Christmas one, when it's only a fraction of the size. So that was definitely my last spring NEC show. Well, what did I get then? A Clarity stencil, of random sized boxes, a Sweet Poppy stencil for Christmas, and 3 sets of Clarity 'Wee Folk' stamps, which I think will go well with a lot of my scenic stamps.

Some Majestix stamps and some low tack masking tape. A set of heart dies, and one purchase I was really pleased about. For ages I'd been looking for a Diamond shape die set, and couldn't find one anywhere. Just happened to spot a single set hanging up on someones stand, so grabbed it.

Two random u/m tree stamps- I think the bottom one has a real 'spooky tree' look to it, and only £1 each.Some nice spotty ribbon, 3 new duster brushes and 3 new Stickles.Also some square card blanks- 5x5, 6x6 and 7x7.
 I usually fold my own card bases, but square leaves a lot of offcuts, and I end up with too many scrap pieces to try and use up. Which always turn out to be not quite big enough for what I want!

One new Inkylicious quote stamp, and a few new Lavinia stamps. Love that spiky mushroom!

Last purchases now, and I left this one till last, as I know that LLJ will be swooning over them!

New additions to the range, and launched at the NEC show- a pair of boxing hares, and a lovely 'looking upwards' hare.

One last picture to leave you with, as you know we lost the awesome writer Sir Terry Pratchett a couple of weeks ago.
This pic was taken at a BBC 'do' a couple of years ago, where my eldest, Ant, got to talk to the great man. Apparently, he looked across the room, spotted Ant, and made a beeline for him, due to the green beard! Ant said afterwards, that Sir Terry was one of the nicest people he had ever met, a very genuine and extremely interesting person. They had a chat about a sword Sir Terry had forged for himself from iron ore, and about childhood games in general.
 So, I'm done. Had a stinking cold this last week, which was not good! Just got me in the 7-14 day danger period, typically. Breathing got difficult enough I had to go to the Docs on Friday, and he's given me antibiotics to clear any infection, ahead of my 3rd IV chemo on Friday. Have to go for a blood test on Thursday, and if that's ok, then I get the treatment. So hopefully the antibiotics will have done their job, or I'll get put back for a week or so, I expect.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

WOYWW #301

Annnnnd we're back at our desks, sharing all our secrets, of the crafting kind, as usual. All thanks to our wonderful hostess, Julia, over at The Stamping Ground.
 There is actually some crafting going on, on my desk this week.
This is a stamp I got last week, from Indigo Blu, called Blazing Poppies. Although you could do them in any colour you wish, just as well, as my first set is blue, lol.
Two sets, as its Mothers Day ( Mothering Sunday) this weekend, and I need the card making fairies to help me get a bit of a move on here. One down, one to go.

First one for my Mom, who does like Blue, the second, for Dougs Mom will probably be in red.
The other pic on my desk, you will already have seen if you visited Cardarian ( Dolores) last week.
This absolutely gorgeous card turned up in the Happy Mail on Wednesday, a little before I actually saw it on her blog! The colours are amazingly vibrant, it really is beautiful. Thank you, Dolores, you really made me smile.
  So, a short and sweet desk this week, for a change.

Only one other thing I wanted to share, and I saw this on Facebook last week, on International Womens Day, and thought just how perfectly it sums up every single one of the WOYWW crowd. So, from me personally, thank you, to each and every one of my super-strong friends, for all your support, love and friendship!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

WOYWW- The Big 300!

 Well, here we are folks, 300 weeks into the greatest Blog Hop on Earth, courtesy of the Greatest Blog Hostess Ever, Julia, over at The Stamping Ground.

On my desk this week, a bit of Internet retail therapy. A few stamps from Indigo Blu- including a Christmas stamp, so that counts as an early start for me, lol.
You can also see the DI marker for the latest colour, Abandoned Coral. I've just had the inkpad, marker and refill in the new colours. Glad I'm not collecting the paints/sprays/stains as well!


A few new Visible Image stamps- really cool birds and feathers, and the drummer and guitarist will make great teens/mens cards.

Last item is on my PC desk, rather than my workdesk. He arrived last week, and I was completely at a loss when I answered the door to the postman. I knew I'd bought stuff online, but didn't recall ordering anything squishy,lol. Then I saw the return address, and realised I had a pressie from our lovely LLJ.
He's a punk hedgehog, and he's awesome. I shall name him Spike, and he'll be sitting here beside me when I'm blogging or wasting my life away on Pinterest etc. He has a perfect little corner there to keep him safe and warm, and I can turn him round to see the screen if I think he might be interested. He has such a sweet little face,and two extremely cute little feet- I love him to bits. Jan, thank you so much.
 Had a couple of hours out Tuesday morning, my eldest son Ant has himself a week off work, and phoned and asked if I fancied going over to Webbs and Hobbycrafts with him and Beck. Which I did, only came out with a few things, but it was nice to spend some time with him, and I know he likes to actually get to see that I am as OK as I tell him on the phone!
 Had a check-up with my Doc on Monday, to make sure that I'd been OK with the first cycle of the chemo, and to have some blood tests done. As long as they come back OK, then Friday will be the second of my IV chemos.
 I haven't heard anything off Shoshi or her Hubby, so I don't know if she has had her surgery yet, but she did post in my comments that she has a friend who will be co-authoring her blog whilst she's in hospital, so I expect all the news and updates will appear there soon.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Shoshi's surgery

Hi folks, just a short post, I had a message off Shoshi's husband Nicholas about midday. Apparently her surgery has been postponed as the HDU is full. No idea how long for yet, but can't imagine it will be before Monday at the earliest now. Poor Shoshi, I can't imagine how she's feeling right now, I know I'd have been climbing the walls.
 If anyone wants to send cards whilst she is in hospital, my email addy link is on the right, I have an address for her.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

WOYWW #299

Well, 1 week away from the big 300- will next weeks edition be an epic production? Cue lots of bare chested Greek men in leather skirts, swinging swords left, right and centre and yelling 'This is SPARTAAAA!!!!!!' Or not, as the case may be.
 Anyway, apologies at the start for a photo heavy post, mainly of a very enjoyable weekend. As you'll remember, we were going down to Plymouth, and also visiting Shoshi while we were down there. Our friend, Rob, who's birthday we went down for, also managed to pass his driving test on the Friday, so I had a card to make for that too! Men! Both cards are in the previous posts.
Rob is the guy sitting in front of Doug, we were at an Asian all you can eat buffet, so there are a few people missing from the table, refilling plates, lol. Rob was under the impression it was just him and his girlfriend going for the meal, so when he walked in and saw us all there his face was priceless.
Earlier in the day, we had arrived in Torquay, to go and see Shoshi.

We had a short trip around the shops first, and Doug spotted a really interesting shop, full of fabulously gothy stuff. They also had handbags, but I was very good and left without any more. Which showed remarkable restraint on my part, I might add.

However, I did have to have this clock for my wall.

And these coasters, which I will seal before they get used.

 Shoshi and her Hubby were lovely people, it was a pleasure to have met them. We had a smashing couple of hours before we had to head off to Plymouth. I got to see Shoshi's ArtHaven, and discovered as well as  being sisters in bowel cancer, we are obviously separated at birth Really Useful Box twins!

Sharing cakes and coffee.

The great part of meeting WOYWWers in the flesh is that there's no initial awkwardness, no difficult silences. Its meeting people who have become real friends over the months and years they've been taking part in this wonderful blog hop, and for that, like everyone else, we love you Julia. You've given us all an amazing group of friends that just keeps getting bigger.

 When we got to our Travelodge for the night, we discovered the restaurant was literally a 5 minute walk away- out the hotel, across one road, walk 20 paces, cross another road, walk 10 paces and we were there. Which was probably a good thing, as I may have consumed my own body weight in Long Island Iced Tea. Not my fault, it was cheaper to buy it by the jug! But Beloved Hubby did help me drink them.

We were going to visit somewhere on the way home on Sunday, but it started raining as we left Plymouth, and poured down the whole way back to the Midlands.

On Monday this package arrived. I'd ordered some re- inkers for my Marvy inkpads, and a few new pads too, from Kevin Nakagawa, of Stampscapes. I've rarely been able to find the pads over here, and never the re-inkers. As it was $23 shipping, I emailed Kevin and asked if he had a rough idea how many pads/reinkers I could get in the box for the shipping cost. Later the same day I got an email back, he'd sat down with the box, pads and reinkers, and worked out exactly how many would fit in, and various combinations! How's that for customer service? I'd been email chatting to him a few weeks ago, about the Adirondack line being discontinued, and mentioned that I was watching all the You Tube lessons he's done, as I was spending a lot of time having a lie down, being tired after radiotherapy for bowel cancer. At the time he answered, wishing me well, and telling me he had a friend going through the same treatment for the same cancer right now. When he emailed me the info on the shipping, his email opened with a question about how I was doing now, how my treatment was going, and hoping that I was starting to feel better. Aren't crafters the most wonderful people?

So, in the box, a few inkpads, reinkers and a 10 pack of stylus tips. I could have got more in, but was worried about getting stung for import duty over here, so kept it sensible.

 He also included a whole bunch of the printed postcards he has done from the finished article in the video lessons.

And on the back, they have  a short description of how the scene was stamped and coloured.
 Ok, I'm done.I'll set you free now to go join in the WOYWW link-up at Julia's place, The Stamping Ground.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Congratulations card.

Our friend who had the birthday kept me busy this week. On Friday, the day before his birthday, he passed his driving test at the first attempt. So, a dash upstairs to make a card!
 The background is a square cut from an old map book saved for this sort of thing.

 The 'L' plate is an alphabet stamp, from the same set as the Numerals used on the birthday card. Stamped in Adirondack Classic Cherry, then coloured with a Ruby Promarker.
 I sliced it in a curved half, to represent torn up 'L' -plates, with a scalpel. I did try cutting one in half with deckle edged scissors, but didn't like how it looked.
 The car keys are an old Quickutz die, the sort that got used with a Squeeze tool. I remember buying a few of these dies really cheap, when it was clear the Tool and dies were going out of fashion, once things like the Cuttlebug came along. I cut out two keys from silver card for the key part, and two from black for the fobs.
 I sandwiched the 'key' bit between one black and one silver 'fob' piece, and glued them together. Threaded them onto a key ring, and lay them with the black part of the fob at the front.
Attached the map, then the 'L'plate with foam dots. The keys were added with Pinflair glue gel when they were dry.
 Congratulations stamped in Classic Cherry again, and also mounted with foam dots.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Birthday Card with Indigo Blu stamp

So, I can blog this card, now its been handed out.
 I mentioned last week we were going down to Plymouth, for a friends 30th birthday meal, so a card was a necessity. The stamp used, by Indigo Blu is one of their 'Dinkie' range, it measures 3" x 2 1/4", and features a Penny Farthing, which seemed perfect, as Rob is a keen cyclist.

The card is based on samples I saw at Pink Tulip crafts quite a while ago, when I bought the stamp.

I must admit, I did a few colour variations, both in the stamping and the inking, until I found one I really liked.The stamping was all done in Archival, apart from the grey, which is Versafine.

Out came the trusty stamp positioner, as I cannot 'eyeball' this sort of thing, I'd never have got an even spread of the stamping. Its just 3 images stamped from one inking, so they gradually fade out.

I did one pretty much the same as the samples.
Then added DI in Tumbled Glass & Salty Ocean, Scattered Straw and Old Paper.

Same inks, but this time in bands across the cardstock.

Then I tried a sort of half and half.
Then the one I finally used.This one is again DI in Tumbled Glass and Salty Ocean, then Adirondack Sandal and Lemonade, with a little DI in Squeezed Lemonade also.

The corners were punch with a SW punch- can't remember when I last used that,and matted onto dark Blue cardstock.

Dark blue brads in the corners.

For the front of the card, I used some Tim Holtz paper from the Lost and Found paper pack, which features a bicycle themed sheet, in french.

The sentiment was stamped in the same Cobalt Blue Archival, onto an offcut sponged the same as the main image, then punched and matted to match.

The numerals for 30 are a set of stamps from Dimension, who used to be Dimension Fourth. I stamped them in the same ink onto offcuts of the backing paper, and attached them with Pinflair glue gel.

I now have a number of stamped, and some inked, images left over.

When I was looking at the samples after I'd done this card, to get the image for this post, I noticed the Butterfly card in the left corner. Its been done with Adhesive film and Glamour dust. So, I thought, I wonder what one of these images would look like?
 I took the one that I'd inked in bands, and added a sheet of double sided adhesive film to it.

Before I peeled the backing off, I burnished it down well with a hard rubber roller.

Peeled off the backing paper, and sprinkled it with Glamour Dust, in Crystal. Rubbed over it first, to make sure it was well covered, then tipped the excess off.

Came out looking pretty good, I thought.
I matted it onto some pale blue card, stamped a sentiment and matted that onto pale blue too.

Now it needed a backing, and I wanted something fairly light. In the end, I embossed a sheet of thin white card with a Cuttlebug folder, called Cogs and Wheels. I added a couple of strips of adhesive blue gingham ribbon, then the image over the top, along with the sentiment.
 So, two cards out of one idea.


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