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Sunday, 24 February 2013

A bit of Organisation....

Actually, I got sidetracked from what I wanted to do.You know when you go looking for something, and can't find it? and you find something you'd forgotten about while you're at it? Had one of those moments a couple of days ago. I wanted some small black flatback pearls for a card. I couldn't find any, so used white instead. Worked ok, as it was a black & white card,. But still. So went & had a look on e-bay, as I have bought a few of them, and flatback acrylic gems, from a lady on there in the past. Anyway, they arrived yesterday, so I went to put them away. Yes, I found some black flatback pearls in another box(!), so decided I needed some sort of memory aid for what I did have. Didn't take long either.

I found out a piece of white card from my oddments draw, and using the Tim Holtz pricking ruler and a pin, made marks for where to dab a bit of Pinflair glue gel. That piece of card looks huge, but its only just under 6" square. So I just stuck one of each embellishment onto the card, mainly in colour groups, but not always.The really tiny flatback pearls on the left hand side are meant for nail art, also from e-bay.
Well, this seemed like such a useful idea, I did the same thing with brads. I seem to have a lot- probably because I always forget about them, and they never get used! Seriously, often they were multi packs of shades of a single colour, so although it feels like a lot, there are probably only a dozen or less of most of them. I suppose one day I shall have to get around to doing this with eyelets! So, in theory, having this within eyesight, should make me use them more.


Krisha said...

Morning Shaz! I'm drooling over all your sparklies. You card looks like a good idea. I have found that if I don't have the color I want I can sometimes use a Sharpie pen and just color them. Works really good on pearls and the rhinestones sometimes takes a couple of coats to get the color you desire. BUT I do like having a nice stash of both LOL

gardenpinks said...

A darn good idea Shaz, those are the sorts of things that get shoved into a box and forgotten about so having a memory aid is a fab idea.
Lynn xx

Kelly said...

Great way to keep them all together, Shaz! Blessings

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah Shaz what a brilliant idea really need to organise myself am thinking and so may even just start doing one thing a week love this idea, thanks Shaz in Oz.x

Angie said...

Thank you for sharing Gonzo's story in my comment box ...I roared and then had to read it to DD who roared with laughter too. Some one posted that Dogs can be taught to do tricks where as cats just solve problems ...so true espeially if it is a problem concerning food or the recieving of treats
I have to say your organizing is wonderful ...wish my brain worked like that. Take Care xx

Fandhmum said...

Hi Shaz
Me again, I have been wandering around your lovely blog and notice that you don't yet have a Liebster Award so I would like to pass one on to you, I hope this is ok. Details will be on my blog later,
Have a good week,
Rosie x

Paula Gale said...

Hi Shaz

what a most sensible thing to do - all in one place and all neatly stored and ready to use... I have all of mine in an A5 folder... sorted by colour of course...

I know what the name of your action is called - distraction and procrastination. I can recognise that anywhere because it's what I do - usually when I actually have something to do on a tight deadline lol... are we all the same I wonder?


Paula x x x